Whistle Blowing System

In all of its business activities and operations, the Company implements a whistleblowing system to prevent the risk of non-compliance and abuse of authority at the Company. As a commitment to implementing the principle of accountability and creating a conducive business climate, the Company has an efficient and effective monitoring system that involves all layers of the Company in its supervisory function.

The Whistleblowing System is a means of submitting reports for any issues or allegations that may breach the law or the Company’s code of conduct. The Company’s whistleblowing system is also contained the Company’s Code of Conduct.

Whistleblowing Report Submission

All Company personnel are required to report any violation of the Code through the Internal Audit or the Regional Fraud and Investigation Team or via email to whistleblower@airasia.com.

Whistleblower Protection

The Company guarantees the confidentiality of information on violations, which also include whistleblower protection.

Number Of Complaints In 2022

No reporting of violations during 2022.