Whistle Blowing System

As a commitment to implement accountability principle and to create a favourable business climate, the Company developed a Whistleblowing System, an efficient and effective oversight system that involves all levels of the Company in its supervisory function.

Whistleblowing system is established as reporting system and facility for any issues or allegations that may breach the law or the Company’s code of conduct.

The Company has in place the whistleblowing System as set forth in the AirAsia Code of Conduct.

Submission of a Whistleblowing Report

The Company’s personnel are required to report any violation of the Code through amongst others the Internal Audit or the Regional Fraud and Investigation Team or through whistleblower@airasia.com.

Protection for Whistleblower

The Company guarantees confidentiality of infringement information including protection of infringement whistleblowers.

Whistleblowing Report in 2021

No whistleblowing report received during 2021.