Corporate Secretary

The Corporate Secretary is directly responsible to the Board of Directors and is appointed and dismissed based on the Decree of the Board of Directors. The Corporate Secretary is in charge of facilitating communication between the Board of Directors, the Board of Commissioners, shareholders, capital market authorities and other stakeholders in an efficient, effective, transparent, and comprehensive manner by taking into account the ethical standards, GCG principles, and values of the Company.

 Board of Director Decree No. AAID/SK-DK/05-2023/004 dated 10 May 2023

Legal Basis

In compliance with Indonesia Stock Exchange Regulation No. I-A and OJK Regulation No. 35/POJK.04/2014, a public company is required to have a corporate secretary function that serves as a liaison between the company’s organ with the external parties including government and non-government institutions, shareholders, as well as other capital market communities.

Corporate Secretary Profile

The Company has appointed Hudya Indah Panggita as Corporate Secretary based on the Decree of the Board of Directors No. AAID/SK-DK/05-2023/004 dated 10 May 2023.

Hudya Indah Panggita
Indonesian Citizen
Domicile Tangerang Selatan
Education Bachelor of International Relation - Political & Social Science Faculty National University 2002.

Master of Business Communication - Political & Social Science Faculty Muhammadiyah Jakarta University 2022
Legal Reference Decree of the Board of Directors of the Company No. AAID/SK-DK/05-2023/004, dated 10 May 2023 on Cessation and Appointment of Corporate Secretary.
Professional Background 2010 - 2016 Asst. To Corporate Secretary at PT Sierad Produce Tbk.

2019 - present Corporate Secretary at PT AirAsia Indonesia Tbk.

Corporate Secretary Charter

The Company has a Corporate Secretary Charter which serves as a guideline of its authorities, duties, and responsibilities. The Corporate Secretary Charter has been approved by the President Director, based on the Board of Directors Decree No. AAID/ CEOCORSEC/8-2018/017 dated 29 August 2018.

 Corporate Secretary Charter

Duties and Responsibilities

The responsibilities of the Corporate Secretary are as follows:

  1. Monitor the Company's compliance with the Company Law and other statutory provisions, the Company's Articles of Association, Financial Services Authority Regulations, and provisions on capital requirements and other regulatory provisions;
  2. Maintain regular communication with capital market supervisory bodies including the Financial Services Authority and Indonesia Stock Exchange on all matters related to governance, corporate actions, and key transactions;
  3. Ensure that shareholders, the media, investors, analysts and the general public obtain regular information on corporate actions, financial position and other important issues.
  4. Convene the General Meeting of Shareholders, Board of Directors meetings, and Board of Commissioners meetings as well as document the minutes of such meetings;
  5. Ensure that the Board of Commissioners and Board of Directors obtain prompt information on any changes to relevant regulations and comprehend its impact;
  6. Be responsible for implementing an orientation program for the Board of Directors and/or the Board of Commissioners.

Corporate Secretary Main Duties in 2022:

No. Subject Status
1 Prepare minutes of Board of Directors Meetings, Board of Commissioners Meetings and Joint Meetings (BOD & BOC) Monthly
2 Prepare the Annual Report Completed
3 Arrange the Appointment of the Chairperson of the Extraordinary GMS Completed
4 Prepare the Extraordinary GMS Scenario Completed
5 Prepare Proxies to attend GMS (PT Fersindo Nusaperkasa & AirAsia Investment Ltd.) Completed
6 Prepare Materials for Presentation at the Extraordinary GMS Completed
7 Draw up the Announcement Document of the Extraordinary GMS Completed
8 Draw up Invitation Letter to the Extraordinary GMS Completed
9 BEI Process administrative fines from IDX Completed
10 Arrange the Appointment of the Chairperson of the Annual GMS Completed
11 Prepare the Annual GMS Scenario Completed
12 Prepare Materials for Presentation at the Annual GMS Completed
13 Draw up the Announcement Document of the Annual GMS Completed
14 Draw up Invitation Letter to the Annual GMS Completed
15 Draw Up Invitation Letters for Public Expose Completed
16 Publik Draw Up a Summary of Results of Public Expose Completed
17 Draw up cover letter for Quarter 1 Financial Statements to IDX/OJK Completed
18 Participate in workshops and seminars (webinar) Organised by OJK, IDX, ICSA and AEI Completed

Corporate Secretary Activities in 2022

Throughout 2022, the Corporate Secretary has carried out the following activities:

  1. Monitored the Company’s compliance with the provisions of laws and regulations applicable in the area of Capital Market and Stock Exchange;
  2. Implemented Good Corporate Governance policies;
  3. Monitored corporate secretarial activities related to the Board of Directors and Board of Commissioners;
  4. Established good communication and working relationship with internal, external and business partners & deliver information disclosure to the public and manage the Company’s website;
  5. Acted as a liaison between the Company and the OJK, the Stock Exchange and the public;
  6. Organised the 2022 Extraordinary GMS;
  7. Organised the 2022 Annual GMS;
  8. Organised the Annual Public Expose 2022;
  9. Completed the Guidelines and Charter;
  10. Developed and implemented corporate social responsibility programs;