Vision, Mission & Corporate Values


To grow PT Indonesia AirAsia as Indonesia’ largest low-cost carrier and to provide the best service possible to Indonesian consumers by enabling cost-efficient connectivity.


  1. Best Employer
    Dedicated to be the employer of choice where employees are recognized as family
  2. Globally Recognized ASEAN Brand
    As part of AirAsia Group, we contribute to poise AirAsia as a globally renowned company
  3. Consistently Affordable
    We are comitted to consistently offer affordable fares to make everyone fly with AirAsia
  4. Service and Product Quality Guaranteed
    We ensure that we provide only the best quality products and we will tirelessly innovate and strive for better efficiency, better services


At the heart of our brand is a set of values. Those values represent us, they describe who we are, what we do and how we do it. And they also outline what our guests’ experience should be. Those values are: