Corporate Social Responsibility

Committed to implement the corporate social responsibility, throughout 2018 the Company was involved in a variety of activities related to the environment, communities, employment, occupational health and safety, as well as consumers. The activities were aligned with four social responsibility pillars that required in order to maintain the close partnership with all stakeholders, thereby sustaining their growth.


The environmental problems represent crucial issues with real impacts to human lives. It is therefore important for anyone, individuals and businesses alike, to continually promote and raise awareness on the environment. Realizing its participation, The Company in 2018 carried out the following:

  • Recycle program – through Go Green campaign, the Company promoted recycling to its employees. In addition to introducing the 3R concept of Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle, the Company from February 2018 started to provide bins to store potentially recycled items. The items should be clean and dry and sorted based on their materials, e.g. plastic, aluminum, and paper. While the concept itself is fairly straightforward, 3R is fundamental, as it directly affects our daily lives. A consistent application of this concept can result in substantial contribution for the environment.
  • Neutering wild animals – initiated by the animal lovers community among employees in Denpasar hub, this activity was carried out in cooperation with Bali Pet Crusaders. Together, they collected and neutered stray dogs around Kedonganan Beach in Kuta. This program aimed to control the population of stray dogs which, if grows uncontrollably, could cause health risks for human.
  • Hammock Amok Project – this project of AirAsia Foundation and APE Malaysia that involved employees from various AOCs produced animal enrichment tools from used fire hoses. Hammock Amok Project 2018 was carried out among others at the Ragunan Zoo, Jakarta.
  • Bali Beach Clean Up – the employees of the Company who are part of the running community took the initiative to clean Kuta beach from plastic wastes. The clean up took place on 29 July 2018.


The Company is committed to meet all of its obligations in areas related to employment and OHS. This is achieved by striving to create a work place that protects the employees’ wellbeing. To that end, the Company ensures that it provides health and social security programs for all employees, among others the BPJS Employment, which covers the Retirement Insurance, Work Accident Insurance, Death Insurance, and Pension Insurance, granted according to the employer’s contribution stipulation with due observance to the applicable manpower regulations; all employees are enrolled to Health BPJS in class I; and the Company partners with a private insurance company to provide benefits that cover in-patient and outpatient care, dental care, and prescription glasses.

On OHS, the Company regularly organizes fire fighting training, emergency evacuation simulation that refers to evacuation SOP, and OHS training. The OHS training comprehensively covers the symbols introduction, legal basis, objectives, incident definitions, OHS hazards and risks, risk assessment, hazard symbols and signs, to personal protective equipment. This training is expected to raise hazard-awareness culture, thereby ensuring that all employees will always remain vigilant towards their own safety, their co-workers, and their work environment wherever they are. All training and simulation sessions are organized for both the Company’s permanent employees and outsourcing staff.

The Company through IAA also refers to IAA Company Regulation that is valid for 2018-2020. The regulation comprehensively governs the rights and obligations of the Company and the employees and guides the Company in managing industrial relations.

The Company’s success in creating a convenient work place and in nurturing close relationship with all employees is reflected from the 1.68% turnover rate at IAA per 30 September 2018. Additionally, the Company recorded zero accident until 30 October 2018.


The implementation of social responsibility and community-related efforts is an opportunity for the Company to strengthen the relationship with its external stakeholders in ways that are in line with the Company’s capacity. The Company focuses its activities in this area on several themes, such as learning and work opportunity and disaster response.

For learning and work opportunities, the Company welcomes the Indonesian students that aim to practice their knowledge by attending the internship programs. Accepting around 100 interns in 2018, the majority of internship applications were looking to learn more about the technical areas of the business, such as ground operation and engineering. Most of the students came from the aviation schools, tourism schools, and mechanical engineering. The Company also shared its expertise by accepting invitation to give lectures on certain subjects in the universities.

In terms of disaster response, the Company’s commitment is to always be present and lend a hand to those in need. In 2018, there were two major disasters in Indonesia that affected Lombok in West Nusa Tenggara and Palu, Cetral Sulawesi, as well as their surrounding areas. The Company joined in relief efforts by carrying out the following:

    In collaboration with the Ministry of Transport and other airlines, the Company went to areas that were difficult to reach, such as Sugian Village in Sambellia Sub-District, East Lombok, located 105 km east from Mataram City. In this location and in other villages in the eastern area, the Company granted much needed items such as mineral water, medicines, foods, blankets, mats, and tents.
    Carried out from 12 October to 31 October 2018, this was an in-flight donation campaign collected by the cabin crew. The donation was intended for the victims of the earthquake disaster in Palu, Sigi, and Donggala. This campaign successfully raised a total of Rp1,360,867,315. In cooperation with Arkom Indonesia Foundatin for the housing construction for the victims.

Moreover, the Company also carried out other social activities such as blood donation, held as part of the Independence Day commemoration. The blood donation was carried out simultaneously in four hubs (i.e. Surabaya, Cengkareng, Denpasar, and Kuala Namu airports) on 21 August 2018. Other social activities included visits to orphanages and participation in the annual Islamic sacrificial ritual.


Customers are the most important aspect for the Company’s business continuity. Acknowledging this value, the Company is determined to provide the best services to all consumers without exception. In addition to fulfilling its obligations as stipulated in the Transportation Minister Regulation No. 49 of 2012 regarding the Service Recovery in the event of delayed or canceled flights, the Company also carried out the following:

  • Establish a mechanism to respond to customers’ feedback submitted via email, corporate website, and phone calls (call center)
  • Proactively communicate schedule changes, if any, via phone calls, SMS, and email
  • Work with related departments to minimize the customer complaints

The Company is committed to efficiently and professionally manage every input, request, and complaint.