Corporate Social Responsibility


As with other business activities in other industries, air transport business certainly impacts the environment in various ways and forms. Carbon footprint, paper waste, even green house gas emission is inevitable by products generated by the use of fuel by our aircrafts and vehicles, paper consumption, use of AC, and others.

To mitigate those side effects, the Company started to carry out its social responsibility program in the environmental field in 2017, which includes, among others, utilization of environmentally friendly and recyclable materials and energy. Additionally, the Company is implementing go green program across the organization.

The implementation of the social responsibility program in the environmental sector is not only mandatory for the Company but is also an exercise of its ethical responsibility that is important to maintain sustainable business growth.


The Company is committed to delivering a safe and comfortable working environment. This is realized by implementing industrial relations, and occupational health and safety (OHS) practices such as gender equality and equal employment opportunities without any discriminations based on gender, tribe, religious belief, or race.

To support employees’ productivity, the Company has provided adequate occupational safety facilities. The Company also undertakes development and training programs to improve employees’ professionalism and competency. Through industrial relations activities, the Company hopes to facilitate employees to be comfortable at work and, in turn, to result in high productivity.

To provide certainty for its employees’ future as well as to provide comfort at work, the Company has also insured employees and their families with the National Health Insurance Program for Workers (BPJS Employment) and the National General Health Insurance Program (BPJS Health).


The Company constantly develops its human and community resources as a part of its commitment to support quality development growth.

In terms of social and community development, the Company has a policy of recruiting local employees. This policy reflects the Company’s commitment to job creation and to reducing unemployment. In addition, the Company strives to empower its surrounding communities, among others, by improving social facilities and infrastructure.


The Company’s business growth achievements cannot be separated from the support of its customers as one of its stakeholders. The Company therefore carries out responsibility programs for its consumers through product responsibility measures such as consumer health and safety, information, facilities, quantities and solutions to consumer complaints.

The Company also meets its service recovery responsibility, i.e. compensating passengers in the event of flight delay, schedule change, and cancellation pursuant to Transport Minister Regulation No. 49 of 2012.