Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct Elements

The Company already has a Code of Ethics with the main points of the Code as follows:

PT AirAsia Indonesia Tbk will continue to enforce applicable rules and business ethics by continuously developing and adopting positive things in order to complement the unfulfilled shortcomings so that daily business activities can be in accordance with the principles of Principles of GCG.

The Company regulations are constantly made based on Integrity, Openness, Respect and Honesty and high end gratification policies to avoid corrupt acts.

The Company currently has a code of ethics in each work unit and its respective divisions within the Company, and is not yet a standard in force in the Company. Therefore, the Company continuously strives to develop a standardized code of ethics covering the corporate culture, and its enforcement efforts, which will be socialized to be applicable and applicable to all employees, members of the Board of Commissioners and Directors

Code of Conduct Enactment

The Code of Conduct applies to all layers of the Company. Any proven breach to be subject to sanctions in accordance with company regulations and regulations.

Enforcement and Sanctions of Code of Conduct

Whistleblowing is an act of disclosure by an employee of an active or after-paid employee of an illegal, immoral or other unauthorized behavior or event committed by another employee to the competent authority

Whistleblowing within the Company is not a substitute for existing control systems, but is complementary and strengthens communication with a culture of openness within the organization and provides employee awareness about unethical behavior within the Company, through the following stages:

  1. Line management
  2. HR Track, SPI or Legal Division
  3. As the last alternative of the communication path, there are different types of naming:
    • Concern,
    • Open Talk,
    • Speak Up,
    • Clean,
    • Letter to the CEO,
    • Whistleblowing Internal etc.

The application of whistleblowing system will increase trust and performance and support and strengthen code of conduct implementation.

Code of Conduct Violation in 2018

No violation report received during 2018.

Code of Conduct